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Amaro — the Italian word for bitter — is an Italian liqueur that is an essential ingredient in classics such as the Aperol Spritz, Negroni and Americano, or sipped straight as an after-dinner drink or occasionally with meals as an alternative to wine. Amaro can come in myriad flavor profiles because the varieties are often made of a blend of grape brandy and beet molasses infused with a combination of herbs, spices and fruit, or sometimes even vegetables and wormwood. 

The operations at the restaurant, located in the Mount View Hotel, are run by Dan, Carolina and Taylor Jones, the executive chef. All three spent their childhoods cooking with or at least enjoying Italian food made by their grandmothers, memories that they each cherish.

“Taylor has ties to Northern Italy, while Carolina’s family was originally from Fiesole near Florence, and my mother’s family comes from Naples in the south,” Dan Kaiser said. “Our menu will reflect this breadth by having a range of Italian dishes — gnocchi, pastas, braised meats and pizza — an Italian-focused wine list and one of the most extensive selections of Amaro in the country.”

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